Synthetic grass


There is no glory in practice but without practice there can be no glory.

Good cricket can only be played if a pitch provides consistent ball bounce of an acceptable height,

with the ball coming off the pitch onto the bat at a fast enough pace to make a lively and entertaining game.

The four key playing characteristics of clay pitches are

bounce, pace, consistency and turn.

Most pitches change in one or more of these characteristics

over time with the main changes taking place during the first three days of a match.

The three factors that most determine the performance of clay cricket pitches:-


Pitch maintenance and preparation

Type of grass.

The response of pitches to spin bowling usually increases over time, however,

a pitch that is moist at the start of a match will show some early turn until it dries out. astroturf For more of these fine tips on pitch performance and responses, please have a look at our cricket pitch maintenance section.

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