Synthetic grass

Turfscape's Cricket Nets

There is no glory in practice but without practice there can be no glory.

We constantly seek alternative design methods different from the traditional systems which used too many poles and top rails.

We use innovative methods in our cricket net designs that uses much less poles and top rails, to minimize injuries to players or damages to the cricket nets when the ball is hit against the poles.

The netting is secured with steel cables and installed away from the corner poles.

It's really advisable to install a roof of minimum 3m in length.

The height of the roof is debatable, as some coaches prefer a roof height of 4m for youngsters bowling into the nets.

For batting purposes with a bowling machine, 3 meters should be adequate. In the case of synthetic practice nets, the areas between the pitch and netting are paved, as an option, to prevent damages to the nets when the grass is mowed.

Nets can be built to varying sizes and lengths. Experience has shown that the length of the middle nets need to be minimum 15m in length to prevent flying balls from hitting the adjacent bowlers.

All our construction work is done by an in-house team of professional installers.

All constructions can be modified to suit individual requirements and fit into confined spaces.


Artificial Run_Up (Landing Areas)

To minimize leg, shin, angle and ligament injuries when bowlers practice on non shock absorbent surfaces, we turned to a FIFA approved soccer grasses for alternatives to cricket artificial landing areas.

Traditional landing areas: Conveyor belts method for run-ups.

With the new landing areas, a sub base is constructed and the artificial grass is installed on top of this base.

The FT40/50/60 is in filled with sand and 2mm rubber chips which is shock absorbent to prevent injuries.

Players may use spiked shoes on this surface. Since our first installation at Tukkies University, this product has become extremely popular, both on club and school level.

Landing areas can be constructed in many different ways, to suite your needs.

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