Synscape....The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little Extra

"Best valued synthetic grass in South Africa...
Look no further than the Synscape range artificial lawn. Most artificial grass distributors in South Africa sell the same ranges of the same grass types at the same prices. Very few synthetic grass retailers sells our Synscape product range.
That is why we call it our flagship product as it directly reflects our quality, standard and leadership in the synthetic grass industry in South Africa.
Our Synscape range is specially imported for its aesthetic value as a grass substitute for lawns. The height and density of the grass are carefully matched to provide the ultimate natural looking kikuyu grass effect.
astroturf The Synscape range is a ravishing artificial grass that can be installed at any location, whether in the shade or in sunny areas, very soft and yet, extremely strong and durable.
Synscape has become very popular the past year for areas such as around your swimming pool or Jacuzzi, garden, balconies, playgrounds, children rooms, restaurants, landscaping, etc.
Our Synscape artificial Lawn is guaranteed to add that extra touch of luxury, of class, of enjoyment to your preferred area. The fibers is made of high-quality polyethylene that will retains its realistic Kikuyu green color and texture, year after year. The grass fibers are UV protected, hence our 5-year warranty on color fastness. Synscape artificial Lawn is a safe investment for many years.
We provide Synscape in three different pile heights, 20mm, 30mm and 35mm also called Lux. Contact us for the latest prices.

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