Synthetic grass

What is Artificial Grass made off?

There are more names for this product than any other product that I know off. It's ridiculous all the names people have for Synthetic grass. Synthetic Grass, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Lawn, Artificial Grass, Artificial Lawn, Artificial Turf, Fake Grass, Plastic Grass and probably a lot more that can be mentioned.

Synthetic grass or artificial grass is a machine-made surface manufactured from synthetic materials e.g. Polypropylene or Polyethylene.

In previous years, it was mostly used in arenas for sports that were originally played on grass, however, since the late 1990s, uses of synthetic grass has moved rapidly beyond Soccer to Cricket to Golf to Residential and Landscaping applications.

The most common type uses Polypropylene which is tufted to the applicable length, lubricated with silicone onto a rubberized base. The grass once installed are then top dressed with silica sand which keeps the fibers upright and provides the right level of speed- and bounce height of the ball and prevent deformability.

Latest additions to synthetic grass are longer fiber grasses which are in filled with combinations of sand and rubber granules. The infill materials provide the right level of shock absorbency and is soft to the touch. It is especially manufactured for sports i.e. Soccer, Playground areas, Garden and Driving Mats for golf purposes.

There are now also longer fiber grass available which requires no infill. Applications for these grasses are gardens, exhibitions, recreational areas etc.

The quality and variety of synthetic grasses that are available have improved dramatically as the need for the grass expands daily. Residential properties have becoming smaller and the tendency of cluster home-style suburbs, labor & machinery costs, limited spending time on garden maintenance, all contribute to the increasing interest in synthetic grass as an alternative,

Artificial grass of today looks very real! Its a safe investment for many years, has many benefits and is easy to clean, requires little care and can be installed anywhere.

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