Synthetic grass

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Playgrounds at nursery schools and primary schools (Grade R's) are used intensively, especially when the playgrounds are provided with ‘challenging’ playing equipment like jungle gyms, slides, swings, etc.

Natural grass won’t survive in these heavy traffic circumstances.

Besides being able to withstand intensive use and its long lifespan, another advantage of artificial grass for playgrounds is that children also stay reasonably clean when they play on it.

They can have fun rolling and crawling around without getting mud or grass stains.

After a rain shower, artificial grass also quickly dries up again.

Turfscape offers two excellent synthetic grass types as alternatives here.
First alternative :- Syn40/50/60
Syn40 is our soccer/football grass and is the primary choice for playgrounds. The 40/50/60 refers to the length of the fibers.

The grass is in filled with a layer of clean washed silica sand and layer of rubber granules.

The sand acts as a protection for the grass and keep the fibers upright, while the rubber granules provide the shock absorbency effect to the synthetic grass.

The grass is specially made to have a slide effect, thus no grass burn will occur if a child falls and slide on the grass.

A proper playground surface is one of the most important factors in reducing injuries - and the severity of injuries - that occur when kids fall from climbing equipment.

You want a playground surface where parents can put their minds at ease about letting your children play on the climbing equipment.

The Syn40/50/60 grass should be used if the playing equipment (jungle gyms) are very high like the types build with wooden poles.

Its recommended to have a Syn50/60 installed directly underneath the equipment, and the outer areas can be covered with Syn40.

After a rain shower, artificial grass also quickly dries up again.

Second alternative:- Synscape 35(Lux)
Our Synscape Lux synthetic grass is primarily used for gardens.

Its fibers is long, have a curly double stitched yarn that act as the infill. Thus, the Synscape Lux do not need any infill material.

The grass is very soft to touch, and really feels and look very natural like real kikuyu grass.

The Synscape grass will most likely not last as long as the Syn40 synthetic grass, as it is not infilled with anything that protects the fibers against heavy wear and tear.

One very important thing to remember, NEVER install synthetic playground grass on a concrete slap, cement or paving.

It completly defeat its purpose.

Make sure your synthetic grass is installed on a well designed drainage base system.

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