Synthetic grass

What's the correct product for my project?

When deciding on installing Synthetic grass, the first thing to think about is long term investment.
The grass should last you a very long time.

It is an expensive product, even more so if you cannot DIY your project. BUT... you don't have to pay extraordinary prices for Synthetic grass.

Do consider cheaper artificial grass options. Sales people will tell you to stay away from imported grass for many reasons.

There is no need to follow that advice.

Many importers will give you a better product for half the price and the same warrantee that anybody offers you.

Depending on the intended use, there are several options in various price ranges from which to choose. If aesthetic value is of lesser importance, choose a budget-friendly alternative.

An important thing to look at when choosing Artificial grass is to have a look at the backing (It should be a tuff, hard, robust backing, and not a soft rubbery backing).

There are many varieties of synthetic grass types now available, and to choose the correct type, is becoming increasingly difficult.

However, there are certain criteria that you should take into account when you consider installing synthetic grass.

The first step is to decide which type of artificial grass is most suitable for the specific situation or project.

You should base your decision on the nature of the usage, as well as your personal preferences in terms of color combinations and softness.

The best way to get a good feel of the product is to physically compare samples, touch, walk, feel, test backing, etc.

Whichever type of synthetic grass is most suitable depends on the location and intensity of expected use, i.e. high traffic volumes, go for more robust, shorter pile height, just aesthetics purposes, go for midrange pile height, garden, pool areas, go for a longer, softer pile height, etc.

The price of artificial gras can vary tremendously. Inexpensive artificial turf does not necessarily have to be of poor quality, nor is expensive turf always of high quality.

Pay close attention to the quality characteristics of the various suppliers.

The quality of the synthetic materials used naturally determines the cost price and, as a result, the expected life span.

Purpose of installation. What is the grass main purpose and what is it going to be used for.

Should it be an infill or a non-infill product. Some grass types need to have an infill to fully justify its looks.

It might also be that the infill is part of the warrantee process.

This will probably look very good, but, does the area you want to cover with synthetic grass be suitable for an infill type of grass, i.e. grass around a pool or grass on a steep slope.

Guaranteed the infill will land in your pool, or will be washed away with heavy rains if installed on a too steep of a slope.

Don't take the first synthetic grass sample shown to you. A good idea is to get samples of the grass types you're interested in, and then base your decision on what you see and feel.

Remember, this should be a long term investment decision, and there is a big difference between synthetic grass, and fake grass.

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