Synthetic grass

Synthetic Grass for Residential Areas(Home, Garden, Patio, etc...)

The newest generation of synthetic grass is soft, comfortable and appears naturally real.

Artificial grass is the perfect cover for that boring concrete on your balcony or patio.

It's very easy to turn your balcony or patio into a beautiful, relaxed, attractive ambience with Turfscape's range of synthetic grass.

You can enjoy your garden every single day of the year with an artificial lawn because the newest ranges of artificial grass has become a beautiful and practical alternative for gardens.

This durable, unique artificial grass carpet requires very little maintenance, and is a stylish solution for any garden.

The most important thing to remember when installing Synthetic grass in your garden, is that artificial grass requires a different sub base and ground preparation than natural grass.

You should NEVER lay Synthetic grass directly on top of your soil. Prepare a proper drainage sub base before installation.

This will ensure you enjoy your Synthetic grass for many years to come.

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