Synthetic grass

Disadvantages of Artificial grass

Apart from the fact that Artificial grass is expensive, other disadvantages are that artificial grass is much warmer in the summer heat than natural grass. Yes, it does get very hot!!!

This is due to the fact that artificial grass do not Photosynthesis as normal kikuyu grass.

It's also bit darker than natural grass, which leads itself to attract the sun more

A visual disadvantage of artificial grass is the fact that it does not change color along with the seasons. This disadvantage can be 60% eliminated by choosing the correct color/type of synthetic grass.

Artificial grass may be low maintenance but certainly not entirely maintenance-free, as is often believedor proclaimed. 

Long-term use also subjects the artificial grass to normal wear and tear which lead to the synthetic grass flattening.

The level of wear and tear depends on how intensely the turf is used.

Certain actions can be taken to prevent flattening.

This a should be part of your normal maintanance routines.

See wiki pages for more information on maintaining your synthetic grass.

The biggest disadvantage and/or aspect that is often oversee or not talked about, is the fact that artificial grass requires professional installation.

Very often an unprofessional installation (certainly when it comes to large surface areas) often leads to unsatisfying results.

Remember, In the long term, a professional installation pays for itself, also in terms of the pleasure derived from use and the durabilty of the synthetic grass.

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