Synthetic grass

Maintaining your Synthetic Lawn

It is possible to enjoy an attractive, luxurious artificial lawn for many years with the minimum of maintenance.

Some cleaning tips:

• Cleaning. Remove leaves, weeds and other debris immediately by means of a blower. It is important to keep artificial grass clean at all times.
• Brushing. Synthetic grass fibers tend to lay flat after usage. Periodically brushing the fibers with a hard bristle broom will remedy this. Brushing should be done against the grain of the fibers.
• Blowing. Keep the artificial turf clean using a normal leaf blower or brush. If you did invest in a large area of artificial lawn, it's worth investing in a brush machine. If your synthetic lawn is the "infill type" (sand and/or rubber), and you do use a blower, do not blow directly into the synthetic lawn fibers as all the infill will blow away. Blow with an angle on the artificial grass.
• Weed control. By keeping the artificial lawn clean will prevent weed growth between the fibers.

Weeds can be easily removed by plucking, brushing or raking the grass.

Make sure weeds are removed before they can take root, especially along the edges of the turf.

A number of environmentally friendly products can be purchased at home improvement centers and garden centers that kill algae, moss and weeds directly.

If the instructions are followed carefully, the artificial lawn will not suffer any damage.
• Chemicals. Do not use any chemicals directly on your artificial grass. Household dishwashing liquid can be used if needed. Rarely should it be necessary to make use of soap, as water will be more than adequate to clean your synthetic lawn.

Damages to artificial grass can be repaired. The damaged piece of artificial turf is cut out and replaced by a new piece.

It is therefore advisable to save any remnants of your synthetic grass left over after the installation.

These can be used for any repairs.

You must be aware of the fact that used artificial grass will look differently than new grass, even when it is the same product.

A repair usually remains visible for a while.

Over time, this difference incolor will be less and less visible.

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