Synthetic grass

Synthetic Grass Balcony, Patio, Decking

Artificial grass is the perfect cover for that boring concrete on your balcony or patio. It's very easy to turn your balcony or patio into a beautiful, relaxed, attractive ambience with Turfscape's range of synthetic grass.

Some cleaning tips:

Our synthetic grass is most suitable for decking too, and it will offer you a satisfaction for many years to come.

The surface of a balcony is mostly flat (concrete or other hard surfacing covered with water sealant material), so installation of artificial grass is very simple.

On the concrete, it can just be glued down on the edges.

When you have a water sealant installed, the synthetic grass can still be glued down, but use a chemical based epoxy glue. We prefer not to glue the grass down onto the waterproofing, as it will destroy your grass should you need repairs to the waterproof.

It is important that you consider the slope of your balcony or patio and the water drainage is good.

Most balconies are constructed in a way to allow water drainage to run-off. It is not good for the synthetic grass when the bottom remains wet all the time.

Our synthetic grass is perfect for a wooden decking. Just make sure the joints between the boards is small enough, if not it can be covered with wooden dowels in order to avoid visibility marks on the top of the synthetic grass.

Also keep in mind that the wood deck under the artificial grass will take a lot longer to dry, so the water drainage and air ventilation must be perfect.

Potted plants and garden furniture are suitably enhanced these tranquil areas.

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