Synthetic grass

Synthetic Grass and Animals

Artificial grass is pet proof and very pet friendly.

Really? Thats what everybody will tell you?

Do you have dogs? No problem at all. Pets just love artificial grass.

Of course you need to clean the grass more often but that's it.

Don't believe this for one moment.

Dogs needs to eat real grass for their metabolism.

So yes they will try to eat the synthetic grass, but they learn quick.

Dogs need a place to bury their personal belongings,

ye, sometimes the owners'.

So they need a place to dig.

You cover all your yard with synthetic grass, you might have a problem, but then again, dogs learn quick.

Regular cleaning after your dog is a constant, never ending job.

Skip a day or two, and you will soon notice it.

Visually and non-visually( through your nose).

One dog can go, but two or more dogs, will catch up with you sooner than you think. Even with a very well established/constructed drainage base.

The bigger the dogs, the bigger the bladders, the bigger the problem.

The old story of vinegar and water does work to an extent,

but not if your complete area is covered with synthetic grass.

Bottom line...Think again and again.

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